'Looper' Trailer Brings Two Bruce Willis' Face-To-Face


If you thought the international "Looper" trailer was good, just wait until you see the domestic one released today.

Rian Johnson's mind-bending sci-film isn't due in theaters until September 28, but this latest tease gives us a much better idea of what the movie is about than the first trailer did.

"Looper" follows an assassin living in the present day (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is hired to kill select targets by gangs living in the future. All is going well for him until one of the targets the criminals send back in time is actually an older version of himself (Bruce Willis). In addition to the added exposition in this trailer, we're a bit in love with all the technical effects it uses that emphasize the time travelling elements of this movie.

Arguably the coolest part of this whole video comes at the beginning when we see Gordon-Levitt and Willis chatting at a diner for an extended period of time. We haven't seen much of these two interacting with one another in the previous trailers, and we love how tense these scenes are. Gordon-Levitt has also proven that he can do an impressive Willis impression.

This trailer makes the movie's premise seem simple, but we have a feeling that that's actually very deceptive. Johnson's two previous movies, "Brick" and "The Brother's Bloom," may seem like up-front premises on the surface, but actually were a lot more complex.

If you aren't sold on the basis for "Looper" just yet, we would say give the movie a shot anyways because the simplification of the flick's plot is likely just it's marketing team trying to make the story appeal to a wider audience.

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