'Ted,' 'Magic Mike,' And More: Double Feature Friday!


This week on Double Feature Friday, a bunch of guys take off their clothes, one guy puts on his grandmother's clothes, a teddy bear doesn't wear any clothes, and there's a girl named Hush Puppy.

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"Ted" & "Toy Story"

Seth MacFarlane's first feature length film takes a hilariously logical look at the common movie trope of inadament objects coming to life, so we recommend taking a look back at perhaps the best of the genre, Pixar's first animated feature. The film's sequels tend to overshadow the original, which hasn't aged well in terms of visuals, but the Academy Award-nominated screenplay from Joss Whedon, among others, still shines.

"Magic Mike" & "Dazed and Confused"

Many have labeled 2012 "The Year of Channing Tatum," and while his rise to bankable star is impressive, one could argue Mr. Matthew McConaughey is making a much bigger change this year. With "Magic Mike," "The Paperboy," and "Killer Joe," McConaughey has gone from a career as the doofus half of a romantic comedy, usually with Kate Hudson. We are now in the age of "Matthew McConaughey: Respectable Actor." In celebration, go back and see where it all began. Richard Linklater's ultimate hangout movie was McConaughey's first role and is a modern classic.

"Madea's Witness Protection" & "Eraser"

In the latest Tyler Perry joint, Madea gets a job as the host for a family of federally protected witnesses. Sometimes, hiding witnesses with a man in drag isn't enough. Sometimes people have to be erased, and there is no one better at that job than Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his better efforts from the 90s. Arnie stars as John "The Eraser" Kruger, the best in the business for secreting away those who need protecting from dangerous enemies. Also, he shoots an alligator, and then says, "You're luggage."

"Beasts of the Southern Wild" & "The Fall"

One of the biggest winners coming out of this year's Sundance Film Festival was undoubtedly the modern day fable, "Beasts of the Southern Wild." The film tells the story of Hush Puppy, a young girl living with her father in a remote part of Lousianna known as The Bathtub. The movie focuses heavily on viewing life from a child's perspective and observing how they grow and face the harsh realities of life. Tarsem Singh explored similar themes in an different, yet equally visually interesting.

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