New 'Total Recall' Trailer Requires Three Hands

Total Recall

When it comes to remaking a film that has an especially passionate fan base, there are usually a few key scenes that need, at the very least, a presence in the new version. For the "Total Recall" remake, there are some things—three to be specific—that hardcore fans are especially insistent on seeing.

The new trailer (via Yahoo Movies) for the Len Wiseman-directed "Total Recall" confirms for fans of the Arnold Schwarzenegger original that the infamous three-breasted alien will appear in the remake.

Check out the full trailer after the jump!

Three hands, huh? It sounds like we will be getting a very personal look at one very special alien when "Total Recall" comes out in August.

"Total Recall" tells the story of Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) a seemingly ordinary man, who has the false memories implanted in his head knocked loose thanks to a virtual reality program. Things move pretty quickly from there, when wife reveals herself as a highly trained assassin bent on killing him.

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