'Van Helsing' Gets Total Reboot In Dailies!

Van Helsing

We now know that when Van Helsing, the famous vampire hunter, gets a reboot, the movie will probably not look anything like the Hugh Jackman flick. Hopefully, they're ditching that hat.

Also, listen to Seth Rogen laugh, and see an old Bryan Cranston commercial in today's Dailies!

» Before he was Walter White in "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston was the smelly husband in a soap commercial. [YouTube]

» The sequel to "Monsters" sounds a lot like "Apocalypse Now"...with monsters. [ComingSoon.net]

» This supercut gives us the joys of listening to Seth Rogen laughing over and over and over again. [Film.com]

» The super, super old website for Nora Ephron's "You've Got Mail" still exists as it was back in the day. It's an awesome trip back in internet history. [Vulture]

» Here's a cool, animated tribute to Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" movies. [Collider]

» This is a look at every single movie that "Mystery Science Theater 3000" ever made fun of. [Vulture]

» The "Van Helsing" reboot is going to be from the ground up. [ComingSoon.net]

» "Hit And Run" gets a red band, NSFW trailer. [Deadline]

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