Watch Seth McFarlane Perform 'Ted' Scenes Using Motion Capture


We might not see Seth McFarlane in his live-action directorial debut, "Ted," but we certainly will hear him. The "Family Guy" creator voices the titular foul-mouthed teddy bear, but we didn't realize until now just how far McFarlane went to portray the character.

Funny or Die released a new featurette that looks at the motion capture technology McFarlane used to make Ted come to life. Not only was he on set filming during every one of Ted's scenes, but he also acted out every instance of the bear's bad behavior.

"Yes, actually I did hump the cash register....That's the kind of progressive, left wing guy I am," he said with a laugh in the NSFW featurette, which you can view after the jump.

Apparently, the plan was always to have McFarlane performing as Ted while the film was shooting. He would stand off to the side in a motion capture suit, acting out his scenes and reading his lines so the other actors in the film could work off of him. That especially helped since he was doing double-duty as director, as well.

"I would be off camera performing with Mark [Wahlberg]or Mila or whoever. We were doing it all live so we could improvise or embellish in spots," McFarlane said. "Nobody's really used that technology yet for traditional character comedy."

Wahlberg added, "It was good because we were still kind of playing off each other quite a bit."

Somewhere we know Andy Serkis is very, very pleased.

"Ted" hits theaters Friday.

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