Exclusive 'Wrath Of The Titans' Blu-ray Featurette Gets Dangerous

When it comes to big-budget studio films, it's easy to forget that a lot of the time there are actual actors on the screen, and that sometimes those real life actors are putting themselves in harm's way for your entertainment.

Toby Kebbell would probably like you to remember that acting isn't all fun and games and craft services. In this exclusive look at a featurette from the "Wrath of the Titans" Blu-ray, Kebbell has to run into a spiky trap set by the Cyclops.

Naturally, Kebbell gets a little shaky about standing in the middle of moving spikes, but it's all part of the job.

"Wrath of the Titans" once again tells the story of Perseus as he does battle with the gods and attempts to stop the end of the world.

"Wrath of the Titans" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.