‘Frankenweenie’ Comes To Life In Dailies!

For his next foray into stop-motion animation, Tim Burton is bringing a character from his past back to life. Check out the second trailer for “Frankenweenie” below.

Also, learn where big blockbusters went wrong, and keep track of all the vampire hunters in today’s Dailies!

» This man can draw Batman faster and better than you. [BuzzFeed]

» io9 kindly reminds the movie industry what they have forgotten about making a big blockbuster. [io9]

» “Frankenweenie,” the stop-motion remake of Tim Burton’s original live-action film, gets a second trailer and a bit more backstory. [Collider]

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

» This movie montage asks the eternal question, “Which director likes slow motion the best?” [Vulture]

Embedded from video.vulture.com.

» With so many different vampire hunters in the business now, this chart helps keep everything straight. [Vulture]

» “Robot & Frank” is the heart-warming adventure of an android and his elderly, criminal friend. Here’s the first trailer. [The Playlist]

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

» The Funny or Die team sends up Woody Allen’s European movies, and they do it well. [Vulture]

Embedded from www.funnyordie.com.

» Brian Henson offers an update on “Happytime Murders,” his hard-R puppet movie. [IGN]

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