Bill Murray Gets Some Color In Dailies!

Bill Murray Coloring

Some kids grow up admiring the residents of Sesame Street, and other, cooler kids look up to one Bill Murray. That being the case, they also deserve an appropriate coloring book.

Also, "Taxi Driver" heads to modern day Time Square, and Black Dynamite heads to TV in today's Dailies!

» Ever wonder where those dumb "Prometheus" scientists learned it all? Here's your answer. [/Film]

» We here at MTV News have a sense of humor about the programming on our network, so here is "32 and Pregnant." [Vulture]

» A very young Judd Apatow once wrote a letter to Steve Martin. This was the response. [Twitter]

Judd Steve

» "Black Dynamite" is becoming an animated TV series. []

» A new study shows that internet buzz is more powerful than traditional publicity. Now you will all listen to me! [/Film]

» Pixar released some concept art for "Monsters University." [/Film]

Monsters U

» Want to see a clip from "The Watch"? []

» "Dexter" is coming back, and there are big questions to be answered. [Collider]

» This is what "Taxi Driver" would look like if it had been made this year. [Vulture]

» Bill Murray: The Coloring Book. [IndieWire]

Bill Murray Coloring

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