'Brave,' 'Abraham Lincoln,' And More: Double Feature Friday!

Brave Braveheart

This week on Double Feature Friday, there are courageous, redheaded warriors and their realistic counterparts, two fictional movies about two very real presidents, and two very different looks at the end of the world.

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"Brave" & "Braveheart"

In the pantheon of cinematic Scottish heroes, none is as highly recognized as William Wallace, aka Braveheart. Mel Gibson's blood and guts epic may be on the far opposite side of the spectrum from the latest offering from Pixar, but it offers an opportunity to pair some harsh reality and quartering with the whimsical take on Scottish lore. Plus, revisiting "Braveheart" will also give you an opportunity to remember a time when Gibson used his crazy for good instead of channeling into really breathy, rage-filled audio recordings.

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" & "JFK"

Of all largely fictionalized films about the life of a president, none comes close to touching Oliver Stone's paranoid masterpiece, "JFK." An exercise in time travel, you'll watch three hours fly by as you dissect the Kennedy assassination layer by conspiratorial layer. Additionally, Kevin Costner reminds us that there is absolutely no reason why he isn't working constantly these days, and Gary Oldman turns in a crazy-as-ever performance as Lee Harvey Oswalt that will remind you exactly why he is one of the greats. Instead of a double feature, take in one movie this weekend that packs in the runtime and entertainment of two.

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" & "Last Night"

Several of the reviews for "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" mention the similarities to Don McKellar's 1998 indie drama "Last Night." The film—which stars Sandra Oh, Sarah Polley, and David Cronenberg, among others—takes a talky look at the final hours before the world comes to an end at midnight through the lives of several intertwining characters.

"To Rome with Love" & "Gladiator"

The obvious choice for a double feature here would undoubtedly be Woody Allen's similar, travelogue-y look at the city of lights, "Midnight in Paris," but we're not about the obvious here on Double Feature Friday. We're taking all the way back to the reign of Marcus Aurelius and the gladiator who defied an emperor. While it may be an unworthy winner of Best Picture, it's always on TV and compulsively watchable. You'll probably end up seeing it this weekend without even trying.

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