'Taken 2' Trailer: Liam Neeson Doing What He Does Best

Taken 2

By this point in time, Bryan Mills and his family should have probably learned not to leave the country for exotic European vacations.

Are we the only ones who remember the traumatic events of "Taken," which was released only four years ago (and takes place only a year and a half before this movie)? Apparently so, since the first trailer for "Taken 2" opens with Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills taking his family—Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen—on a vacation to Istanbul. "Isn't dad the best?" Grace's Kim asks her mother in the trailer. We would argue no, since it only takes a matter of days for the Mills to be targeted and kidnapped by yet another group of criminals.

What Kim should have asked her mother was, "Isn't dad the most badass?" Because that we could have answered with a resounding, "Yes." Not only does he apparently carry a gun on him every time he leaves the country, but he also seems to have a gut feeling whenever he's about to have a family member kidnapped. Well, at least he's prepared for it.

"Taken 2" spins the franchise's premise on its head when its up to Kim to help her father and mother escape from the Albanian kidnappers who captured them. And of course those criminals are sort of right to seek revenge, as they're the parents of the many men Bryan brutally murdered for kidnapping his daughter in the first "Taken." Needless to say, much gun firing and ass kicking will ensue.

"The action is supposed to take place about a year or a year and a half after the first story. It's a very clever sequel with the usual thrills and spills, but the ante is upped quite a bit in this one," Neeson said in a recent interview. "They kidnap him to humiliate him, torture him, and ultimately bring him back to the village in Albania where the boys from the original film came from. With the help of my daughter... she wants to help me escape from where these bad guys have me."

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