'Breaking Bad' Photos Hint A Tense Season Premiere

Breaking Bad

When Season 4 of "Breaking Bad" ended last year, it was difficult to guess where the show was headed next. What was not so difficult to see was that things were probably going to go poorly.

Giving us our first look at the Season 5 premiere, a new set of photos gives us a hint of what's to come for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The photos come courtesy of E! Online, and return Walter, Jesse, and the viewers to a familiar location that hasn't been seen recently.

Check out the new photos from the fifth season of "Breaking Bad" after the jump!

The stills all take place in the same location and most likely during the same scene. Jesse, Walter and a third man stand in the same auto yard where the duo used to conduct their business meetings. With the lab and Gus completely out of the picture now, it seems that the pair is going back to how things used to be.

Breaking Bad

In the photos, Walter still wears the bandages on his nose from the end of the Season 4, so expect the action to pick up soon after the nursing home explosion. Or Walter got his face punched again, which is entirely likely.

Breaking Bad

The biggest talking point here has to be the return of Jonathan Banks as Mike. Gus' former bodyguard was mercifully spared a fiery death at the end of the last year, as he was stuck in Mexico, receiving medical treatment.

Breaking Bad

Mike arrives in the junkyard, presumably aiming a gun at Walter and Jesse. The photo gives us a clue as to how Mike will react to news of Gus' death, but where will it go from there?

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC on July 15.

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