Exclusive 'Harry Potter' Concept Art From Upcoming Wizard's Collection


Now that the final "Harry Potter" movie has come out, Warner Bros. is putting together the ultimate DVD collection, packaging all eight films into one massive set. The "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection" will not only include films one through eight, but also a ton of extras and collectibles from the movies.

We are lucky enough to be able to bring you an exclusive look at one piece of memorabilia that comes with the "Wizard's Collection."

As part of the collection, several concept art sketches are included in the package. To celebrate the release, we have been given a drawing from "Harry Potter" production designer Stuart Craig.

Check out the full drawing after the jump!

The drawing from Stuart Craig shows the backside of Hogwarts. This bridge, as you probably recognize, is where Neville Longbottom faces a horde of Death Eaters during the final Battle for Hogwarts.

The drawing of one of a series that will be included in the box set, each coming with Craig's signature on it.


The "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection" with 31 discs in all will become available on September 7, but orders must be made by July 31, if you'd like to own the set.

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