First Photos From 'Raging Bull 2' Emerge, Horrify

Raging Bull

If you've ever seen "Raging Bull," the film's iconic opening credit sequence is likely burned in your brain. "Intermezzo" from "Cavalleria rusticana" plays as Robert De Niro gracefully bobs up and down in the stark tones of Martin Scorsese's now legendary use of black and white.

Well, the first stills from "Raging Bull 2" are the opposite of that.

The sequel, which actually exists and is actually filming right now in Los Angeles, has no creative connection to Scorsese's original. Neither he nor De Niro is involved in anyway. The "film" comes from the active imagination of writer/director Martin Guigui.

Check out the full photos after the jump.

"Raging Bull 2" will act as both a sequel and a prequel to the story told in "Raging Bull." The chronology begins with Mojean Aria playing Jake LaMotta as a young man, and then the story will shift to William Forsythe taking over the role.

Raging Bull 2

According to Forsythe, this new version will have "a lot more heart" than "Raging Bull," by focusing on the parts of LaMotta's life that weren't interesting enough to make it into Scorsese's movie.

The only take away from these cheap-looking, poorly lit stills is that it's time to revisit the original (and only real) "Raging Bull." If you have never seen it, educate yourself, son. Simply put, it is one of the greatest films ever made. Go watch it now.

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