'Prometheus': Find Out What David Said To The Engineer

Prometheus David

Obviously, spoilers ahead!

Of the unanswered questions still floating around the heads of anyone who saw and obsessed over "Prometheus," the un-subtitled line of dialogue David speaks to the Engineer seems like the one that most likely has a real objective solution.

What did David say that would have pissed off the Engineer so badly that he'd rip the poor, evil android's head clean off?

Well, it appears that we now have an answer. The Bioscopist (via Rope of Silicon) interviewed Dr. Anil Biltoo, the linguistic expert who advised the cast and crew on "Prometheus."

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According to Biltoo, the secret line of dialogue is a rather simple one. David briefly explains why he and some guy in old man makeup are standing in the Engineer's ship.

This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.

"More life" certainly rings of Roy Batty, doesn't it?

That single line was not the end of Biltoo's revelations, however. According to the good doctor, in the original cut of the film, David and the Engineer actually exchange a few lines. "We're all going to have to wait for the Director's cut to see if the conversation between the Engineer and David—and there was indeed originally a conversation, not merely an utterance from David—yields any fruit," he said.

We should have expected the answer to a question to lead to another question. We just got Prometheus'd.

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