'Maleficent' Set Photos Show Angelina Jolie In Full Costume

Jolie Maleficent

Yesterday, Disney announced the start of production on "Maleficent," the studio's next attempt at a live-action reinvention of an animated classic, and to mark the occasion, released the first photo of star Angelina Jolie as the evil sorceress.

So with production underway, it was only a matter of time before photos started leaking from the set in the English countryside. One day after the start of production, ComingSoon.net has posted set photos featuring Jolie in her full Maleficent costume.

Take a look at the pictures after the jump!

The first thing that sticks out about Jolie's costume in this first batch of set photos is the toned-down look of the costume. (That's not to be confused with "subtle.") To be fair, she still has horns and "toned down" is in comparison to the black and purple ensemble that is usually associated with the character from the 1959 animated film.


Jolie's Maleficent sports an earth-toned robe in mostly brown, much less ostentatious than previous versions. The costumes doesn't look all that different from the grittier, reality-based fairy tale "Snow White and the Huntsman," so we may be seeing the very beginnings of a "realistic" storybook trend.

"Maleficent" will retell the story of "Sleepy Beauty" from the the villainess' perspective. Jolie stars opposite Elle Fanning, who will bring to life the sleepy beauty herself, Princess Aurora.

Head over to ComingSoon.net to see the full collection of set photos.

"Maleficent" is scheduled for release in March of 2014.

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