Leonardo DiCaprio Finds His Wife For 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

Margot Robbie

Now that Martin Scorsese has the family-friendly stuff out of the way, he's delving right back in to the heady dramatic work he's become known and loved for. Casting is picking up for his latest flick, "The Wolf of Wall Street," and it seems like Scorsese might be close to finding an onscreen wife for Leonardo DiCaprio's character.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Australian actress Margot Robbie is in talks to play Nadine, the wife of DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort. And she's not the only person new name to be added to the project recently.

If she signs on, Robbie will join an already impressive cast, which recently added Jean Dujardin. He's in talks to play Jean-Jacques Handali, a "suave Swiss banker involved in laundering illicit funds" for Belfort's firm.

Then there's Kyle Chandler and Jonah Hill, who also have big roles to play in the project. Chandler, who we love to see playing a good guy on the big and small screens, will portray the FBI agent who brings Belfort down, while Hill will play Belfort's close friend who later becomes his business partner.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" follows a drug-, sex- and alcohol-addicted brokerage firm operator's rise from a 20-something multi-millionaire in the 1980s to a 30-something federal convict banned from the securities business for life in 1994. This will be Scorsese and DiCaprio's fifth film together.

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