'V/H/S' Trailer Brings Back Anthology Horror


Is it possible to be excited for a movie that you're not entirely sure you want to see? Because that's where we currently stand with "V/H/S" the found footage horror anthology that made huge, terrifying waves at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

The first trailer debuted today over at Yahoo! Movies, and it doesn't help us with our dilemma. The more we see from "V/H/S," the better it looks and the less we actually want to sit through it.

Check out the full NSFW trailer for "V/H/S" after the jump!

"V/H/S" tells five separate stories of sheer found footage horror from six of the best up-and-coming directors working in the genre today. The arc connecting these stories explains the retro-fitted title.

When a group of burglars is tasked with breaking into a house to find a VHS tape, they stumble into much more trouble than they were ever expecting. The house is filled with tapes, so they start looking through each horrifying segment to locate the one they're looking for.

"V/H/S" will be available OnDemand starting August 31 and in theaters October 5.

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