'Master' Trailer Reveals Philip Seymour Hoffman's Character

Hoffman The Master

"The Master," Paul Thomas Anderson's follow-up to "There Will Be Blood," has almost always been described as his "Scientology film." Those involved with the movie have denied any basis in the life of L. Ron Hubbard, the controversial religion's founder, and the director even screened it for his one-time collaborator and famed church member, Tom Cruise.

But a new preview for the highly anticipated film reveals Philip Seymour Hoffman's character for the first time, and Lancaster Dodd certainly shares a few stripes with Hubbard.

Check out the new preview for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master."

Like the previous clip, this new look at the film focuses primarily on Joaquin Phoenix's character, Freddie Sutton, a wayward vet who eventually becomes a protégé to Dodd.

Sutton answers several questions put to him by Dodd, and when asked what it is that he does, Dodd answers "I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher, but above all, I am a man."

"The Master" is scheduled to hit theaters on October 12.

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