New 'Breaking Bad' Images Debut As Premiere Draws Closer

Breaking Bad

This post will discuss plot points from the previous season of "Breaking Bad."

The explosive demise of former drug king Gustavo Fring only seems like it happened a few short weeks ago, but that flurry of water cooler conversations was last October. We are now less than a month away from the beginning of the end for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

That being the case, promotional materials for part one of the final season have begun to trickle out, and today, three sets of images popped on the web. The photos comes from Vulture,, and TVGuide, and frankly don't help us with our painful need for more Heisenberg.

The first photo from Vulture is the more playful of the promo shots and features Walt and Jesse kicking back with a beer and some snacks in their full chemical hazard suits. One of the biggest questions about next season is how the relationship will develop in light of recent events, specifically the poisoning of Brock.

Breaking Bad

In the images TVGuide released today, Walt and Jesse stand in an abandoned warehouse and peer through panes of broken blue glass. You may remember that Jesse and Walt make blue meth. It's kind of the premise of the show. The connection should be easy to make.

Finally, posted a dark image of Walt seated on his bed, facing away from a very worried Skylar. It seems that even after Walt "won" at the end of last season, there is still a rocky road ahead for the estranged couple.

Breaking Bad

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