'Draw Something' TV Show: The Movies That Could Have Been

Draw Something

As you may have heard over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest's production company is developing a game show based on the latest app phenomenon, "Draw Something." The series will pit celebrity contestants and regular folks like you against each other in an interactive game of Pictionary.

If you're anything like us, the news came with a groan and an eye roll, because "Draw Something" obviously should have been adapted as a feature film. With movie producers snapping up the film rights to anything that moves, it's a surprise that no one saw the potential for a live action feature based on the property.

Well, we did, so here are our three pitches for the "Draw Something" movie.

Murder Mystery

Crash Robertson is a homicide detective on his way to a pension and a retirement spent pursuing his unrealized life-long passion, sketching. But when a serial killer begins leaving a trail cryptic clues, each drawing hinting at the next victim, Robertson must piece together the puzzle to save the murderer's next victim: his ex-wife. The cop must use his artistic potential to take the law into his own hands and leave a few drawings of his own.

Teen Paranormal Romance

Cassie Angelfire has never been understood. Her dark hair, black nail polish, and fascination with "the other side" have caused others at school to label her a "freak" and a "weirdo." But when Brad Sparks, the all-American quarterback, dies in a tragic car accident, Cassie is the only person who can get an important message to his family. The catch is that Brad's spirit can only communicate through drawings left on a school chalkboard.

Romantic Comedy

Cliff has never had any luck in the dating realm. With only a artistic but strictly platonic girlfriend for company, he turns to the companionship of his favorite online game, "Draw Something." But when a game he's playing with an anonymous stranger begins to turn into something more, Cliff begins to wonder if he's found the girl of his dreams and if he'll ever get to meet artist behind the beautiful drawings on his cell phone.

Which of these "Draw Something" films would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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