Nicolas Cage Praises Guy Pearce In 'Seeking Justice' Interview

Either we could sit you down and explain to you all the ways that Guy Pearce is one of the best actors working today, or Nicolas Cage can do it.

We're going to assume you chose the latter.

The duo recently starred in the thriller, "Seeking Justice," which is now headed to DVD and Blu-ray. In this exclusive featurette from the disc, Cage explains what it's like to work with Pearce and why that is so much fun.

"Guy Pearce is very precise and clear about understanding the rhythm and the music of a scene," Cage said. "When I say 'premise,' I mean that he'll go through the script many times and really get down underneath it and get down into the nuts and bolts and ask me questions about 'How does this line up for you? How does that track for you?' That's unusual to be perfectly direct. Not many film actors do that. Not many actors led you know or include you on where they want to go to see if that works with you. So that's nice, and it's refreshing to have that."

"Seeking Justice" comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on June 19.