New 'Prometheus' Photo Reveals Unused Character


With all of the controversy that "Prometheus" has drummed up since its release a week ago, the last thing Ridley Scott's most recent movie needs is more mystery. But last week, John O'Connor from Creatures, Inc., the effects shop behind some of the extraterrestrials in "Prometheus," posted some behind-the-scenes photos to his Facebook page that could possibly complicate matters even further.

The pictures are big spoilers for "Prometheus," so for those of you who haven't seen it, we're keeping everything about the last update after the jump.

Read on to see the new "Prometheus" photos.

The photo that has drawn the most attention shows the Engineer from the very beginning of the film, but he is with another of his kind. The Engineer behind him does not look exactly like him or the Engineer that goes on a killing spree later in the film. This Engineer is older, and he has already taken on the nickname of the Elder Engineer.


There has already been talk about a long cut of the film for the Blu-ray release, but it's impossible to say whether this particular deleted scene will make it into that cut. The new Engineer doesn't really answer any of the lingering questions from "Prometheus," but it does prove that Scott has a bigger vision of this world than he allowed us to see.

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