'Rock Of Ages,' 'That's My Boy,' And More: Double Feature Friday!

The Rock of Ages

With this week's releases not offering a whole lot of options at the theaters, this week's recommendations may help you out of a tough decision. Although, you should seek out "Your Sister's Sister" if it is playing near you.

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"Rock of Ages" & "The Rock"

Here's a hypothetical for you: A team of pissed-off marines just captured Alcatraz and are threatening to unleash a massive biological attack on the Bay Area. You are a neurotic weapons specialist, who puts out increasingly bizarre films. What do you do? If you've seen Michael Bay's 1996 action classic, you know exactly what to do. "The Rock" was Bay back when Bay was Bay, way before all of this "Transformers" nonsense. This is a stylish, over-the-top action fest, made of pure masculinity. You know, what Bay used to do.

"That's My Boy" & "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Sean Anders, the director of the latest expansion on Adam Sandler's mansion, "That's My Boy," co-wrote the screenplay for one of 2010's most under-appreciated comedies, "Hot Tub Time Machine." The absolutely ludicrous premise, which the title happens to perfectly spell out, gets a helping hand from a first-rate cast of funny dudes and a surprising amount of heart. Check it out for some laughs and one of the best uses of Mötley Crüe on a soundtrack.

"Your Sister's Sister" & "The Five-Year Engagement"

It may have just come out a few months ago, but "The Five-Year Engagement" suffered the year's biggest injustice at the box office. Widely considered a bomb, the most recent comedy from writing team Nicholas Stoller and star Jason Segel deserved better than the underwhelming reception. While it lacks some of the magic that made "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" a modern comedy classic, "The Five-Year Engagement" is the kind of smart and adult comedy that doesn't get made often enough anymore.

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