Ashton Kutcher Looks The Part On The Set Of 'jOBS'


Okay, we get it already, Ashton Kutcher is sort of the perfect casting choice for a young Steve Jobs.

After he was cast in the upcoming Jobs biopic that's been appropriately titled "jOBS," we've seen plenty of pictures pop up online comparing the "Two and a Half Men" star to a younger version of the Apple co-founder. We'll admit, it's hard to deny the striking resemblance. Now some photos from the Los Altos set of "jOBS" have hit the web, and it turns out that the crew has made great casting decisions across the board.

Chief among them are Josh Gad as Apple's other co-founder, Steve Wozniak; Ahna O'Reilly as Jobs' first serious girlfriend, Chris-Ann Brennan; Dermot Mulroney as the second Apple CEO, Mike Markkula and some unnamed actor as a very convincing Bill Gates. The shots of these stars on set show us that Kutcher isn't the only one who looks a heck of a lot like the person he is portraying. Well, maybe Gad needs to straighten his hair a little bit more.

Currently filming in Jobs' childhood Los Altos, there's no word yet on when the indie will hit theaters. "jOBS" is being directed by "Swing Vote" helmer Joshua Michael Stern. The film will follow Jobs from "his early years as an impressionable youth and wayward hippie, through his initial successes and infamous ousting, to his storybook return and ultimate triumphs as a man who set out to change the world and did just that."

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