Does Marcellus Wallus Look Like A Llama In Dailies?

Jules Llama

Jules from "Pulp Fiction" had a look that was all his own until this unoriginal llama came along and stole it. We can't imagine Jules would be too pleased if he finds this llama while walking the earth.

Also, learn the secret behind David in "Prometheus," and Walter White says when we're done in today's Dailies!

» This is how one viewer summarized David's role in "Prometheus. [Reddit]

David Prometheus
» A new episode of "Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles" is here with "Ready Player One" author, Ernest Cline. [AICN]

» Here's a hypnotic supercut called "The Sound of Aronofsky." [/Film]

», but you look like a llama. [Reddit]

Jules Llama
» "For A Good Time Call" gets a sufficiently dirty first trailer. [Yahoo! Movies]

» This "V/H/S" poster is devilishly clever. []

» Have you seen these dragons? [Vulture]

GoT Lost Dragons
» This photo from an early production of "Wizard of Oz" will give you nightmares. [io9]

Creepy Wizard of Oz
» "Breaking Bad" is coming. Not soon enough. [AMC]

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