‘Life Of Pi’ First Look Introduces A Terrifying Richard Parker

The first clip from Ang Lee’s upcoming feature, “Life of Pi,” has made its way online. Though the snippet is only 10 seconds long, it’s the first we’ve seen of the flick so far and leaves a great first impression.

What it seems to show is one of the first interactions the title character Pi (Suraj Sharma) has with the tiger, Richard Parker, when he realizes he is stranded on a boat with the beast. It definitely doesn’t seem like that tiny boat is large enough for the two of them. Just what will Pi do when he finds out that there’s also a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan on board?

This clip, as well as four marketing banners like the one above, can all be found on “Life of Pi’s” official website. There’s also a tease of the score used in the movie, which seems like a perfect fit for the surreal story.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.