Vanilla Ice Starts Father's Day Fire (Sale) To Celebrate 'That's My Boy'

A lot has happened since the days of Vanilla Ice and "Ice Ice Baby." Parachute pants went out of style, most people don't bleach single streaks in their hair, and Vanilla Ice doesn't get quite as many endorsement deals as he used to.

That's why Robert Van Winkle, as he's known now, is hosting a fire sale to get rid of all the extra merchandise that he's amassed over the years. Everything must go, and he stars in this brand new video commercial to tell you all about it.

The sale happens to be taking place right around the same time that Vanilla Ice is starring in the new Adam Sandler-Andy Samberg film, "That's My Boy." In the film, he plays himself and a friend of Sandler's character, Donny.

You can check out our interview with Vanilla Ice after the jump!

"That's My Boy" opens in theaters June 15.