'Savages' Interrogation Series Introduces Characters

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Oliver Stone's "Savages" is basically guaranteed to be a messy affair. First, there's a pair of buddies, played by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson, that grow and sell weed together. Then, we find out that they share a girlfriend (Blake Lively). When she gets kidnapped by the Mexican cartel, they have to go after her.

As you can see, things get a little complicated over the course of the film, so if you want a quick debriefing about who is who and who is sleeping with whom, there is a new series of in-character interviews with the cast.

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This is just one in a series of videos, which will continue in the coming weeks. To start, here's Kitsch, who plays Chon in "Savages."

You can head over to the "Savages" YouTube channel to check out the rest.