'Catching Fire' To Be Shot And Released In IMAX

Catching Fire

In addition to the potential casting of Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Catching Fire" is going to have a big one-up on "The Hunger Games." IMAX Corporation and Lionsgate announced today that "Catching Fire" will have portions of the film shot on IMAX cameras and will be released in IMAX theaters.

That's some pretty big news for the franchise, and bodes well for the rest of the series. "The Hunger Games" was released in IMAX theaters, but wasn't shot in its special formatting. That means that fans were ultimately just paying to see a bigger version of the movie showing on regular screens, without the perk of having the film be more immersive or high def. If "Catching Fire" does well in IMAX (and we're sure it will), then we can likely expect "Mockingjay" and a potential fourth film to be shot in the format as well.

It's unclear how much of "Catching Fire" will be shot in IMAX, but our guess is that it probably won't be as much as "The Dark Knight Rises'" did. Even if "Catching Fire" only has a half an hour of IMAX footage, we'd be happy. Now we just need to speculate about what scenes we'll see on the even bigger screen. We'd argue that the big set piece setting of the latter half of the story lends itself very well to IMAX screens.

"Catching Fire" is due to hit theaters and IMAX on November 22, 2013.

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