Hugh Laurie In Talks For 'RoboCop' Villain

Hugh Laurie

The "RoboCop" remake confuses us. The basic idea of a reboot for the series seemed like a dubious premise on paper. The surprising casting of the relatively unknown Joel Kinnaman had us scratching our heads, too. Sure, Jose Padilha as a director, making his English language debut, makes us curious, but it wasn't until the cast started filling out that "RoboCop" grabbed our attention.

According to a Variety report, former "House" star, Hugh Laurie, is in talks to join "RoboCop" as the maniacal CEO of Omni Corp, the corporation that brings Officer Alex Murphy back to life as a cyborg. Naturally, he has ulterior motives.

If he signs on, Laurie would join Kinnaman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman in the increasingly impressive cast.

The "RoboCop" remake may be one of the best examples in recent years of an interesting cast elevating an iffy concept for a film. Kinnaman, already starring in AMC's "The Killing," seems poised for a breakout, while Oldman and Jackson bring buckets and buckets of money with them where ever they go. Between "Star Wars," the Marvel Universe, and Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, the two actors have starred in some of the highest grossing films of all time.

While we admit that we have some reservations about the idea of a "RoboCop" remake, there is a lot of potential here. With a cast like this and proven director like Padilha on board, there's some serious talent here, working with a concept that could use a nice 21st century facelift.

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