Will Forte Mourns 'MacGruber,' Ponders Sequel Potential

Of all the unlikely heroes in Hollywood history, there is perhaps no one more unlikely than MacGruber. The former Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger—not to mention fan-favorite "Saturday Night Live" character—crossed over from late-night sketch television to theaters nationwide back in 2010, but few people tuned in to check out the Will Forte-starring comedy.

But just because "MacGruber" blew up at the box office (not in the good way) that doesn't mean the movie itself was a failure. The people who did see the Forte flick remain huge fans to this day, yours truly included.

So when I caught up with the comedian at the "That's My Boy" junket in Los Angeles some weeks ago, I had to bring up my adoration for "MacGruber," and my hopes that we'd see a sequel someday in the future.

"I love hearing that," Forte said about my "MacGruber" fandom. "It was really hard when the movie didn't do well at the box office. It's hard not to take that as an indictment of the film. But we're so proud of the movie. We loved it so much. We would love to make a second one."

He certainly has my vote, though I'm not exactly in the position to green-light anything involving a serious production budget. And the actor isn't exactly optimistic about a studio giving the go-ahead, either. "I don't know what the realistic chances of making 'MacGruber 2' are," he confessed. "But we would love to do it if it's somehow a possibility."

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