'Prometheus' Deep Dive: Our Conversations With Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof

Last week, the night before the premiere of Ridley Scott's hugely controversial "Prometheus," we got the chance to talk with co-writer Damon Lindelof and asked him all of our burning questions about the secrets to the film. He was as candid as possible and as eloquent as always and dropped a ton of information on us.

So much so, that we had to break it up into three separate articles. Now that our final piece from the Lindelof interview has been published, we've rounded them all up for you here to find easily, read, and digest. If you're curious to know more about "Prometheus" take a look and maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

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The "Lost" Connection

If you were a fan of the cult show Lindelof co-created and experienced the fallout of the series finale firsthand, you may have noticed some current themes in "Prometheus" and "Lost." The "Alien" sort-of prequel deals largely with the asking of "ultimate" questions and either getting unsatisfying answers or no answers at all. Sound familiar, "Lost" fans? We asked Lindelof whether the thematic elements of "Prometheus" were simply coincidence or if they stemmed from his own personal flashbacks.

The Surgery Scene

We simply had to ask. There is no single scene in "Prometheus" that comes remotely close to being as memorable as the sequence featuring Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw where she has an alien fetus surgically removed from his belly. It's a harrowing scene that changed pretty significantly once Lindelof got his hands on Jon Spaihts' original draft. That being the case, Lindelof gives all the credit to Ridley and his uncanny ability to freak us out.

Is A Sequel Even Possible?

When a film essentially says that seeking answers to unaswerable questions will either lead to disappoint, or worse, death, the idea of a sequel kind of seems counter-intuitive. Lindelof agreed with that sentiment to a point, but he explained that "Prometheus" ended the way that it did in order to steer the narrative away from LV-426 and the Space Jockey. It's an interesting premise that could make for an interesting sequel (or not).

Bonus Interview

MTV News' Josh Horowitz exchange a few emails with Lindelof, and things got hostile.

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