Penelope Cruz Commits To 'The Counselor'

Penelope Cruz

With so much of the Ridley Scott talk squarely focused on his current movie "Prometheus," it has been easy to forget that next up for the director is a remarkably star-studded film written by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and first time screenwriter Cormac McCarthy called "The Counselor."

We reported back in April that Cruz was circling the project, which would have her co-star alongside her real-life husband, Javier Bardem. Now Deadline has an exclusive on the confirmation.

Current Hollywood fascination Michael Fassbender was the first actor to sign on to his "Prometheus" director's follow-up. He will play the title role of Counselor, a lawyer who attempts to cash-in on a quick, large-scale drug deal, but finds out the hard way (the very hard way) that "one and done" isn't something that happens in the world of narcotics.

Cruz will likely play Laura, the Counselor's fiancé, while Bardem is playing his partner-in-crime, Reiner, who owns cheetahs. (Yes, multiple cheetahs.)

Then there's also Cameron Diaz, in a very serious role, and Brad Pitt, showing up for what's nearly a cameo.

As much as we like "Prometheus," everything about "The Counselor" has us ready for the next Scott joint.

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