'Predator' Turns 25 Years-Old In Dailies!

Arnold Predator

It has been 25 good years since Predator came to Earth and everyone needed to GET TO THE CHOPPA! In honor of the homicidal E.T.'s silver anniversary, we dedicate today's Dailies to him and his heat vision.

Also, one reviewer has a few questions for "Prometheus," and we learn the secret of FDR's polio in Dailies!

» Deadpan reviewer, Red Letter Media, has some tough questions for "Prometheus." [YouTube]

» To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Paramount took of picture of every star they could get to stand still for a few seconds. [/Film]

» It turns out that Gene Wilder was personally responsible for most of the cool stuff in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." [Reddit]

» This is the NSFW trailer for a movie called "FDR: American Badass." That is all. [YouTube]

»Cracked runs down the coolest effects that aren't CGI. [Cracked]

Star Wars Credit
» There are some new photos from "The Great Gatsby." [The Playlist]

» Matt Singer wrote a wonderful tribute to "Predator" for its 25th anniversary. [ScreenCrush]

» Check out this new poster for Jake Gyllenhaal in "End of Watch."

End of Watch Poster
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