Report: Philip Seymour Hoffman Offered Plutarch Heavensbee In 'Catching Fire'

Philip Seymour Hoffman


If you're a fan of "The Hunger Games," you've probably been waiting not-so patiently for any sign of Finnick Odair casting. But with news potentially breaking on the casting front today, you probably weren't expecting a Deadline report claiming that an offer is out for Plutarch Heavensbee.

That's right. The Head Gamemaker for the 75th annual Hunger Games could be played by none other than Academy Award-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman. If he signs on to join the sequel and presumably the third and fourth movies, it would be a major pull for the series, which lacks some of the Academy prestige of other film series.

Head over to MTV News to read the full report on the purported offer to Hoffman.

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