Disney Announces 'Frozen,' A New Animated Musical


In the past few years, Disney has started moving back toward the old model of animated princesses. Movies like "Enchanted," "The Princess and the Frog," and "Tangled" proved that audiences are happy to go back to "once upon a time."

For its newest animated effort, Disney is once again telling a fairy tale with original songs from some of Broadway's hottest talents.

"Frozen," set for a big screen debut in November of next year, will star Kristen Bell as Anna, "a young dreamer about to take the adventure of a lifetime." The computer-animated film takes its name from the setting, which will be a fantasy kingdom, stuck in a never-ending winter.

To break the spell, Anna must find the Snow Queen, who will be voiced by Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel, who previously starred in "Enchanted" for Disney.

Married couple Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez will write the original songs for "Frozen." Lopez co-wrote the current hottest ticket on Broadway, "The Book of Mormon" with "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Anderson-Lopez previously worked with Disney on the latest Winnie the Pooh film.

The role of Anna's partner for her journey, Kristoff, a "daring mountain man," has yet to be cast.

Honestly, word of Disney once again venturing into animated musical comes as welcome news. With Pixar dominating the world of straight computer-animated movies, Disney needs to find its own niche in the market, instead of trying to compete…

…unless it's with "Wreck-It Ralph," which looks like it's going to rule.

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