Logan Marshall-Green: Forever Trey From 'The O.C.'

Logan Marshall-Green

It's no secret that we here at MTV Movies Blog love "Prometheus." We've gushed about it since it hits theaters last week. We love the performances in it; the actors are uniformly great. There's only one problem.

Every time we see Logan Marshall-Green, this is all we can think of:

Marshall-Green is great in "Prometheus," but we simply cannot get the image of Marissa Cooper shooting Ryan Atwood's brother, Trey, in the back right before Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" kicks in.

The image sparked a meme and an SNL Digital Short and is therefore burned in our pop culture memory.

But it's not Marshall-Green's fault though. We're still having a hard time imagining Olivia Wilde as anyone else but Marissa's girlfriend. That's the power of "The O.C."