The Six Typical 'Prometheus' Reactions: Which Are You?


If one thing is clear about "Prometheus" after its opening weekend, it's that people love talking about "Prometheus." A deluge of passionate opinions have hit Twitter and film blogs like a horse shoe-shaped space ship rolling on its side (RUN SIDEWAYS, CHARLIZE!!!), but for the large of amount of reactions, most of them fall into six general categories.

Obviously, these six don't cover every possible reaction to "Prometheus" (we had our own specific response), but there is certainly a pattern to the reviews coming in.

So here is our breakdown of typical "Prometheus" responses.

The Extremists


Here are your hardcore "Prometheus" fanboys. They waited patiently for this movie to come out, and when it did, they were never the same. The message spoke to them personally and echoes all of their own existential questions. If you question the film's quality, you are calling into question everything that the fanboy has ever felt, loved, and dreamt. If you don't get it, it's probably just because you're stupid, and weren't paying close enough attention.


This is where you'll find many of your extremist "Alien" fans. Ridley Scott's original outer space saga is buried deep within the hearts and minds of this collective and any new movie that tries to replicate, comment on or expand upon "Alien" is an affront to that film. To them, if you love "Prometheus," it's because you're fooling yourself with your emotional responses. This group may also send tweets to Damon Lindelof, blaming him for the whole ordeal, but most of that hate will be reserved for a later group.

The Moderates

"Things like plot specifics and characters details don't matter as much when the ideas are this big."

Now we're getting into more sensible, moderate territory. These fans have thought about it more than gut reactionary groups above. "Prometheus" is not without its flaws, otherwise it wouldn't be divisive, but the damage done by exploring the larger themes is minimal. This group can admit that characters may have not gotten as much screen time, but they were there to serve a much larger, grander purpose. For them, the idea of a big, ambitious sci-fi movie is more than enough entertainment.

"The ideas are big and ambitious but incomplete and get in the way of everything else."

This group shares many things in common with the demo above, but the level of satisfaction with the mysteries of "Prometheus" is where they split. If the questions aren't enough to pacify them, the other problems in the movie are going to stick out more prominently. For them, posing a question should be followed by an answer. Asking it isn't enough, and that's where "Prometheus" really falls short for them. Close, Ridley, but no cigar.

The "Lost" Fans

"Damon Lindelof can do no wrong. This is perfect."

An entire category of "Prometheus" reactions rests solely on how one felt about the "Lost" series finale. Those who loved it without being able to explain why they loved it can say the same about "Prometheus." Their love of and trust for Lindelof knows no bounds, so to reject anything he's attached to would betray the six years they spent watching a bunch of folks try to get off an island.

"Damon Lindelof has a personal vendetta against me and everything I love."

These fans forget that anyone else but Lindelof was involved in the making of "Prometheus." The ending of "Lost" left them feeling abandoned, and they never found out why the numbers caused bad luck. So because of that "Prometheus" had to suck, and when it did suck, they were going to personally tell Lindelof over Twitter. That will show him!

Which category did you fall into for "Prometheus"? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!