'Cosmopolis' Is Due In Theaters This Summer


We've been hyped for "Cosmopolis" ever since it was first announced, and we've been anxiously awaiting the announcement of a release date. The film was recently screened and picked up at Cannes to be released in the United States.

eOne plans to distribute the flick to the United States starting on August 17. To be honest, this doesn't exactly seem like an end of summer movie, but the sooner we get to see "Cosmopolis" the better. The movie will initially open only in Los Angeles and New York, but will expand to other cities soon after.

The trailers and clips released of the movie show a Pattinson that we've never seen before, and seems distinctly David Croenenberg. But the Cannes reviews of the film have been generally positive, which leads us to believe that this project will be well-received even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

"Cosmopolis" will be released in Canada today and in the UK next week. Another one of Robert Pattinson's non-"Twilight" films hit theaters today. We've been waiting to see "Bel Ami" for ages, so at least we only have to wait two more months for "Cosmopolis."

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