Admiral Ackbar Ties The Knot In Dailies!

Star Wars Wedding

Who knew that Admiral Ackbar was a married man? Honestly, I would have taken a 2-hour long domestic drama starring Ackbar than watch one second of Gungan banter.

Also, a new fake trailer destroys every movie cliche ever and Steve Carell delivers a fantastic commencement speech in today's Dailies!

» "Beasts of the Southern Wild" charmed the pants off of everyone who saw it at Sundance and Cannes. Here's a clip to see a bit of what they were talking about. [The Playlist]

» "Boardwalk Empire" creator Terrence Winter did a long Q&A with Deadline that's definitely worth checking out. [Deadline]

» This trailer for "Comedy Bang! Bang!" will make you hate every movie ever. [IFC]

» Check out this rundown of the best medieval battle scenes. [Vulture]

» Steve Carell gave a commencement speech at Princeton, and it is, as expected, hilarious. [LaughSpin]

» "Shadow Dancer" is an Irish espionage drama starring Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough, and it looks awesome. [The Playlist]

» The latest "Residental Evil" gets an ominous international poster. []

» The Week takes a closer looks at the Mads Mikkelsen-Hannibal Lecter casting. [The Week]

» This couple is just asking for an "It's a trap!" joke. Here are ten other geeky wedding dresses. [mental_floss]

Star Wars Wedding
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