'Harry Potter' Actress Cast In 'Monster Butler'

If you were wishing on shooting stars and casting spells in hopes of a "Harry Potter" reunion, well, you've got one! Sort of.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the magical franchise, is set to star alongside Gary Oldman—who was also in the wizard films as Sirius Black—in the indie thriller "Monster Butler."

Based on the true story of a bisexual con man, jewel thief and serial killer named Roy Fontaine, better known as Archibald Hall (Malcom McDowell), the film will follow his journey into this dark lifestyle and how he's eventually captured.

Lynch will portray Fiona Carrick-Smith. Hall is hired as her upper class family's butler, eventually becoming her confidant as she's intrigued by his wisdom. She tells him of her reservations about her upcoming marriage and her desire for excitement and taking risks. When she acts on those longings, what follows is a string of reckless behavior, betrayal and disaster as Hall leaves a bloody trail through Great Britain.

The film also stars Dominic Monaghan and Joanne Whalley. McDowell will produce the film alongside Diane Da Silva and Chris Roe with Wilson de Silva acting as executive producer. Production will take place under Dark House Films with Warner Brothers set to distribute.

Lynch's most recent post-"Harry Potter" project will be a guest appearance on a television show called "Sinbad." Based on the fictional story of the Arabian sailor, she'll portray the beloved Princess Alena.

"Monster Butler" is set to begin shooting this week in Scotland.

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