'Prometheus' Parody: Joel McHale Does The Robot

The David-8 viral video remains one of the greatest pieces of movie marketing seen all year long. The introduction of Michael Fassbender's "Prometheus" android was touching, amusing and awe-inspiring all at once. It was also ripe for parody—and that parody has finally arrived.

Joel McHale, who recently starred in a very different parody for the MTV Movie Awards, makes his introduction on tonight's episode of The Soup as Joel 8, an eighth generation robotic clip show host: he's handsome, funny, handsome, good looking, and empty.

Among the things he can do: he can play "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" by himself, he can tell jokes his human clip show host counterparts might find offensive, racist, sexist or stupid, and … well, not much else really, not until after his morning meeting with scotch.

Meet Joel-8 in the video below.

And if you want to get to meet McHale as an archery instructor, you can watch that too in the video below.

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