'Brave' Debuts Four New Clips


Pixar's latest outing, "Brave," is due out in theaters later this month, and it's a big departure from the studio's typical fare. We're excited about Pixar's take on Scottish legends, and Disney has released four new clips to give us a good sense of what to expect in the flick.

Most of the scenes shown have been teased in trailers for the movie, but we think they work better in context than they do in brief comedic snippets. Based on what we've heard of "Brave," the movie actually gets much darker than the marketing campaign is leading people to believe, so it seems as though these clips capture the tone of the movie better than trailers have.

The most important element of these four clips is that they aren't silly. A lot of these scenes have seemed to be a bit more Disney and a bit less Pixar in recent teasers and clips released, but here we see that they're actually more grounded in reality and have the same emotional impact of the Pixar movies we've come to know and love that came before it.

Most of these moments take place at the beginning of the movie, but we get a good sense of who Princess Merida is and just how rebellious she can be. The scene at the end where she openly defies her mother by firing an arrow at a target is a lot more tense than we expected, even though we've seen it in previous trailers. With these as some context for the film, we're even more intrigued about its second and third acts, which haven't really been featured in the promotional material for the movie.

Thanks to Collider for the clips!

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