'Hobbit' Video Diary Gives Us A Studio Tour

The Hobbit

Have you been hurting for a "The Hobbit" update? Well, so were we. Fortunately director Peter Jackson heard our pain, and put together a new installment of his video production diary for our viewing pleasure.

This latest one gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the studio lot where most of the production on "The Hobbit" takes place. We get to see some of the actors' trailers and some of them are even in costume. Luke Evans, who plays Bard, gives us a tour of the trailer park's layout, and then we get taken to the prosthetics department.

One of the cuter segments of the video shows the stunt department wailing on each other with CGI-friendly cudgels. We can tell they're at least having a good time.

There's not much in the way of spoilers here, but we do see a tease of the barrel scene during a segment of the video about the make up and hair department and then again at the end. The scene is shown without any special effects, but it still looks pretty cool.

But it wouldn't be a "Hobbit" video diary without Jackson being at its heart. He gives us a driving tour of the studio, which he likens to the tram ride at Universal Hollywood (which, of course, is where the "King Kong" ride is).

When this video was taken, there were six weeks and two days left of principal photography on "The Hobbit." With only six months left until the film hits theaters on December 13, we're ready to start counting down the days already.

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