'Prometheus' Trailer Gets Construction Paper Remake In Dailies!

Paper Prometheus

Nothing makes a good trailer great like recreating it entirely in construction paper. This version for "Prometheus" really does make it awesome.

Also, Ridley Scott lines up his next project and Hitchcock makes "The Dark Knight" better in Dailies!

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» Sure, the "Prometheus" trailers are great, but wouldn't they be better made out of paper? [The Playlist]

» Ridley Scott is eyeing his next project, a biblical epic called "Moses." [Collider]

» How knew that the cast of "Breaking Bad" are fantastic bowlers? [Vulture]

» Check out this brilliant mash-up of Bernard Herrmann's "Vertigo" score and "The Dark Knight." [/Film]

» If you say that "My Heart Will Go On" makes you want to throw up, it may hurt Celine Dion's feelings. [Vulture]

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