Exclusive 'Safe House' Featurette: Ryan Reynolds, World's Nicest Action Star

To celebrate the video release of the Ryan Reynolds-Denzel Washington thriller, "Safe House," tomorrow (June 5) on Blu-ray and DVD. We have an exclusive clip from one of the featurettes on the disc.

The clip examines one of the central chase scenes from the movie and the amount of work that goes into preparing the stunts. The rooftop chase scene clearly involves an incredibly complicated set-up, featuring stunt men galore.

The scene also called for Ryan Reynolds to pretend to knock a guy senseless, something he didn't seem totally comfortable with. "It is kind of weird," he said. "You go from a moment where you're just trying to snatch the life right out of somebody, and then the next, you're helping them up off the ground, wondering if he broke anything."

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