'Breaking Bad' Season Five Poster: It's Good To Be King

Breaking Bad

In a summer full of blockbuster movies and beautiful weather outside, there are few things we are looking forward to as much as the season premiere of "Breaking Bad." Last year delivered on so many levels with an incredible slow burn that made it perhaps the best season yet.

Now Vulture has the first poster from the upcoming fifth season of "Breaking Bad," and suffice it to say, we are now even more excited for the return of one of our favorite shows.

Check out the full poster after the jump!

Spoilers ahead!

The end of season four left Gus Fring with half of his face missing and Walter White breaking badder than we've ever seen before. The new poster gives us an idea of where Walter is mentally by the time we get back to him.

Breaking Bad

And things are looking dark. Walter sits triumphantly on a lawn chair, alone in an abandoned warehouse with a bunch of cash and a boatload of meth. It seems that he's taken the "I won" statement to heart, but he isn't getting out of the business quite yet.

It should also be noted that Jesse is nowhere to be found. Walter's partner is crime hasn't been clued into the whole "poisoning a child for personal gain" thing, but this being a TV show, the revelation and a serious falling out cannot be far behind. Walter may have his throne, but he's only got his cash and his drugs for company.

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