Russell Brand Breaks Down The MTV Movie Awards Leading Ladies

There are some pretty big stars that are going to be in attendance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and we can't wait for them all to get the Russell Brand treatment. We decided to get a jumpstart on the madness by asking the Movie Awards host what he thinks of some of the leading ladies who will be present at this year's awards show.

Like, say, Kristen Stewart. "That's 'Twilight,' innit?" he asked, clearly having done his Movie Awards research. "I don't watch things like that. I don't know, I just don't know why I would watch it."

That being said, Brand added that he is a big fan of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. "They're good-looking boys, Rob Pattinson and him with the tummy. I met him. He was really handsome. ... I suppose, if you're into that," he said.

And what about Emma Stone, who had such a big year that she's getting the first-ever Trailblazer Award?

"It was the same size as everybody's year," Brand said with an indignant laugh. "Time don't expand just because you happen to have a good job where you're getting too much money. Time is the same for Emma Stone!"

Two of the women in attendance are actresses that Brand had been interested in in the past, though he never made a movie. Maybe this is his year, who knows.

Take for instance Mila Kunis. "I done a film with her before. She's gorgeous. But she was going out with 'Home Alone' in them days, so what could I do? You can't turn over 'Home Alone'!" Brand said with regret.

And then there's Charlize Theron, who Brand really botched his first introduction with.

"Whoa, my god, she's amazing, ain't she? Yeah, I really nosed it up. It was embarrassing. I messed it up bad. Well, I met her and I didn't recognize her, and like I was at a party and I was looking at birds and that, and she comes over and goes, 'You look like you're talking about something untoward,' and I went, 'Well,' and showed off like an idiot, not recognizing her," he said. "And then later on, my mate Danny ... goes, 'Saw you talking to that Charlize Theron earlier. Well done, mate.' I went, 'When?' And he went, 'Earlier,' and I was like, 'Oh no, I didn't use none of my moves!'"

Even when Brand found out that she's a mother, he was willing to give their relationship a shot.

"She's got a child! Why's that not in my notes? " he said. "I'll raise him -- Is she single? -- I'll raise the boy -- Is it a boy? -- I'll raise him as an Englishman! This is how you drink tea. This is how you're sexually repressed."

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