Can Straight Guys Enjoy Magic Mike? Yes, Says Channing Tatum

"Magic Mike" is a stripper movie. Starring Channing Tatum. It's not exactly the kind of movie that straight guys are going to flock to see, but during MTV Sneak Peek Week, Tatum said that guys may have more interest than they're letting on.

Tatum doesn't have any illusion about who is going to see "Magic Mike." "I don't think the dudes are going to be like, 'After the Stanley Cup, you want to go see "Magic Mike"? Want to go see this stripper movie?'" he said. "I don't think that's going to happen."

And yet, when fans ask him questions about his years as a stripper, the questions come from an unexpected place. "It's weird though. The women don't ask the questions. It's the men that actually ask me more of the questions," he said. "They really want to know. 'How much did you make? What did you do? Were you full-frontal? What did the girls do?' They want to know everything, and the girls are just like, 'Ah, we've been there.'"

Reid Carolin, the screenwriter for the film, offered up a challenge to any nay-saying guys. "I would challenge any guy to have the courage or the balls to get up on stage and do what those guys do, because it is insane," he said. "That's the thing. It's the ultimate test."

While Channing doubts straight guys will show up to theaters, his friends didn't seem to mind the stripping. "I've shown it to some of my straight friends, and they've been like, 'I forgot that they were stripping.' They weren't like, 'Oh god. He's stripping again.' It's just a little simple story."

For a live performance from the "Magic Mike" cast, tune into the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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