Will Forte: 'That's My Boy' Is Dirtier Than Previews Suggest

If you thought the exclusive clip of Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy" was dirty, you apparently haven't seen anything yet. During the MTV Movie Awards' second annual Sneak Peek Week, the cast of the R-rated comedy sat down with Josh Horowitz to discuss the film, and Will Forte revealed that it's a lot dirtier than the previews suggest.

"That's one of the tricky things about this movie," he said. "It is a dirty movie. It's a raunchy movie. If you've seen any previews for this movie you have no idea what it's about. They have to take little five second swatches here and five seconds there. It is a dirty movie. I encourage people to go to a YouTube page where you can really get a sense for what it's about."

Horowitz, who already screened the film, mentioned a particularly "amazing" scene involving Milo Ventimiglia's character—to which Vanilla Ice gave the actor a high five.

"It's so weird that Ice just high fived him for it," Andy Samberg chimed in.

The cast assured us we'll be on the inside of this joke once we see the film. We're not sure whether to be excited or nervous. But despite its dirty content, Forte adds that he had a great time working with Sandler.

"It was such a wonderful set because Adam, who's also one of my comedy heroes, would just tell you exactly what he wants," Forte said. "Then he'd let you discover some stuff on your own too and he'd just point you in the right direction. He was amazing to work with."

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